Feng Shui NFT Art

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If you believe in the Power of the ancient Chinese Feng Shui can bring you prosperous, health and wealth, then you will be interested in this series of Feng Shui NFT Art.

Ava Kwok broke the tradition of Chinese style Feng Shui painting by mixing in western elements to create unique, modern and innovative NFT Art pieces. Each NFT Art in this series has a different auspicious theme. A combination of the Chinese and the Western style of drawing was used. In addition, Feng Shui elements were blended into the creation, which will help bringing you luck and prosperous for the next 20 years.

For those artworks will be shown on this page once the NFT Art is Minted , which can prove the creator of the work, and convenient for buyers to check and purchase with confidence.

Token ID : 27682654730659271587394311369955730884459855458785326460394363326373577097217
Token Standard : ERC-1155

NFT Art Marketplace Homepage: https://opensea.io/AvaKwok

NFT Art Marketplace Collection page: https://opensea.io/collection/chinese-feng-shui-painting-nft-series

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